Which is the best AngularJS Development Company in 2020?

One of the most renowned AngularJS development company is Bacancy Technology.

Want to save up to 40% on web application development and looking to hire AngularJS developers on an hourly and monthly basis? Let me help you to find the best AngularJS development company- Bacancy Technology that provides robust solutions to their customers. You can also find this company on the various busting listing sites like clutch, 99 firms, goodfirms, the manifest, and more. With technological advancement, their Angular developers are also well versed in the latest technologies.

If you are looking to hire AngularJS developers or a team for your project, MVP, or product enhancement, I would recommend you to choose Bacancy Technology. Their Angular developer has excellent knowledge of various Angular versions, from 2.0.0 to 9.0.0

They have more than 300+ total developers and 40+ AngularJS developers with more than 5+ years of experience in the various technologies.

Some of the key points and details I want to share with you about the company

Experience with the AngularJS versions

Their AngularJS developers have experience with the latest Angular version like Angular 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0, 4.0,2.0

Along with AngularJS, They are offering end to end full stack AngularJS Development Expertise like AngularJS+ Rails, AngularJS+ Node, AngularJS+ Php, to build scalable web applications. You can say Bacancy Technology is one stop to get all in one front and back-end combination.

Cost to hire AngularJS developer from Bacancy Technology

Depending on your project and requirement hourly rate of AngularJS developer is between 22$ — 50$ that is very economical compared to other companies.

Services they provide in AngularJS

  • Custom AngularJS/Angular Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Web App UI/UX Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • eCommerce Portal Development
  • Migrations & Porting to MEAN Stack

How to Reach Bacancy Technology

1)Visit the website of Bacancy Technology

2) Please fill the contact us form and provide your details like (Name, Contact Number, E-mail address and requirement of your project

3) Their expert will contact you within 24 hours. Once their expert contacts, you can discuss your idea and detailed description of your project.

4) After reviewing your requirements, they let you screen the resume of AngularJS developers, and you can schedule an interview with them. You can check whether they are compatible with your requirements or not.

5) Final your AngularJS developer and start your project

6) Once you final all things they sign NDA ensuring your idea, project or source code will be secure with them

Top reasons to choose Bacancy Technology to hire AngularJS developer

  • Flexible and cost-effective hiring model
  • 100% security of source code
  • The expertise of the AngularJS developer
  • High quality AngularJS development services
  • On-time delivery of project
  • Daily meetings and stand ups
  • Effective communication channel
  • Completion of project with top code

For more detailed information, you can visit their website for a better understanding. Also, you can directly contact Bacancy Technology on, or you can give a call on +1 347 441 4161. Their Skype is Bacancy.

You can also visit their page for more detail about the services and solutions they offer. You can even fill their contact us or get a quote form, and their expert will contact you within 24 hours. Very very convenient and secure, so why are you waiting? Ping them and get quick solutions for your requirement.

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